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About Rules of Survival Game

Rules of Survival is a great Royale Battle game inspired by PUBG with the own charm. Come to an arena upgraded new 8x8 km and you will have the chance to meet up with hundreds of people at once. Become one of them and play against each other or work together with some buddies as a team. You have nothing that can be used to attack or defend right after you jump out of the airplane, parachute, and land on the abandoned island. The area quickly gets more dangerous for all. Since you are not armed, you are forced to search for some weapons, items, and handy equipment scattered across the battlefield. When you collect enough what you need, you can embark on finding targets and earn kills. Attempt to act swiftly and decisively so you can stay alive longer! If you are in danger, surprise the foe by taking him out first.

Aside from hazards caused by everybody, you will soon face a remarkable element making Rules of Survival game more interesting. It is related to the safe zone which gradually shrinks in size. When you realize that it is getting smaller, it's crucial to make a plan to protect yourself. If you cannot surpass aggressive actions, you will have to stop your journey immediately. It is also the moment that you can perform your strategies and skills. Do not forget to make the most use of gear or loot!

Rules of Survival game will be harder when you step into further stages. Take the role of a solitary fighter you should exactly be aware of what to do and how to overcome difficulties. Cooperating with friends is an exciting option. You and your group can seize more opportunities to survive and win. You’re highly recommended to join a party.

Rules of Survival PC

With the version for PC, Rules of Survival game by NetEase can be considered as similar as Free Online PUBG. Obviously, the gameplay of Rules of Survival PC will not change compared with everything you enjoyed on the original. Not only that, it has a more attraction due to the screen will allow you to see your characters and scenes clear and bigger.

Rules of Survival is a cool game since it can contain plenty of competitors at a time. It is rare for a survival game, even for PC. Thus, participants are very excited about that. Also, they are really interested in smoother playing experience which supports them a lot to conquer challenges. Moreover, it is available to get Rules of Survival Download on your computer.